R e i k i   H e a l i n g

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Who We Are

Lisa has been studying Reiki for fifteen years. She first came across the therapy at a healing festival and was amazed by the healing energy which inspired her to become attuned to Reiki I and Reiki II. A year later she set up a practise near Camden Loch and treated people from all over the world. Last year Lisa was proud to become a student of Ellie Chester, a renowned Reiki Master, and furthered her knowledge of Reiki, and is now a Reiki Master/Teacher herself which has enabled her to attune people to Reiki as well as give treatments. 


"Two sessions with Lisa and my migraines have not returned since. The Reiki is very calming and next year I'm going to learn Reiki One with her. It's a very nice experience.' Linda Saint.

"Lisa has given me Reiki over the past fifteen years for various different ailments! Stomach aches, knee injuries, flu, insomnia... it has always helped and I can always rely on her and the Reiki." Jez Ashurst

"I've been having Reiki with Lisa nearly every week for  two months and now I can dance again for a good five minutes. Before I couldn't really walk. Reiki is amazing and soothing. Try it! " Sue Reiner

There are more testimonials at the FREE REIKI page on this website.