R e i k i   H e a l i n g

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Free Reiki

Lisa offers free Distant Healing every Monday. All Reiki practitioners can send Reiki to a person without the client having to be present. Many people have benefited from this and have been so pleased with the results that they've decided to become Reiki practitioners themselves. If you'd like some free healing then contact Lisa leaving your details and she will be in touch via email shortly. All the client has to do us tell Lisa their first name and what part of the country they live in and the healing will be sent.


"I asked Lisa to send distant healing to me as I have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, which means that I get heart palpitations from time to time. Within a couple of days of her starting the reiki, the nighttime palpitations stopped and the daytime ones reduced in frequency and intensity, and I had several clear days which I had not had many of in recent times. Overall, since starting to receive reiki treatments and practising yoga, my palpitations have reduced from an average of 20 days a month to 3 or 4 days a month." - Alistair Elliot

"I had an internal blister that needed operating on rather urgently. The week before the operation I asked Lisa to send me healing for a week. I felt so much better I asked my doctor for an MRI, I was convinced the blister had gone. The results came back - it had gone! I was amazed and so was he! Thank you Lisa. " - Jane Beacon